Sunday, September 18, 2011

Workshop and one man show at Anderson Fine Art Gallery

Armand Cabrera

Clam Creek 36x48

Passing Rain 24x36

For those of you in the area I will be teaching a four day workshop followed by my one man show in Saint Simon’s Island Georgia. There is still room in the workshop if anyone is interested. I will be showing students how I approach a painting outdoors and in the studio and how to organize and complete small sketches on location in one sitting. We will go over composition, color theory and mixing from a limited palette, drawing, and application. Information is here or you can call the gallery directly at 912 634 8414.

View of Cumberland Island 24x30

                                                               Marsh Edge 18x24

My one man show is called Seascapes and Shorelines and I will have 15 new paintings. The paintings range in size from 36x48 down to 18x24. These larger works represent 6 months of my studio time this year. All are done from onsite sketches and photos from my trips to the area. I was really focused on emotional content and mood for these paintings. I love painting in the golden isles of Georgia I am looking forward to the show. The show will be up for a month and the artists reception will be from 6 pm to 8 pm October 7th.

First Light 36x48

Sunrise 24x36


Jason Peck said...

Hey Armand,

Congratulations on the one man show. I love Passing Rain, very inspiring. The clouds are great. I cant pick a favorite since they are all beautiful works of art!

All the Best, Jason

Nicholas Hong said...

I really love your view of cumberland island and marsh edge.All paintings are very inspirational. Congratulation on your gallery show too!

Bonita Paulis said...

A beautiful 6 months worth of work

Unknown said...

Jason, Thank you. If you haven't checked out Jason's blog 'Adventures of the Brush' you should. There is a link in my sidebar.

Unknown said...


Unknown said...

Thank You.

Sadeu said...

These paintings have great beauty and harmony : )

James Gurney said...

Armand, what a gorgeous group of paintings! You've captured the luminosity of the seaside so perfectly, and you've got a great range of times of day and foreground interest.

Unknown said...

Thank you.

Unknown said...


Thanks I appreciate it. I've been enjoying the gamut masking color theoryand the article on foliage on your last few blog posts

eric bowman said...

Great inspiring work, Armand. I love "Sunrise", really nice.

suzanne hill said...

I live here on St. Simons - you have captured the area perfectly.
Your paintings are so lovely! They have the "feel" of these views I have seen and not been able to capture as well as you do - I hope you sell a lot of paintings - you certainly deserve to. I haven't seen the show yet but I will be sure to do so.

Good luck
Suzanne on St. Simons