Wednesday, March 3, 2010

16x20 Alla Prima Painting Demo

Back from my workshop in Amelia Island Florida which was a great success in spite of the crummy weather. Stayed in Charleston on the return trip and was unable to post to the blog last Sunday because of a lack of internet service. I will return to my weekly Sunday posting schedule following this post.

Monday I did a 16x20 demo at Fort Clinch State Park and opened it up to the public. We had 13 people in the class and another 12 showed up in the rain to watch me paint. The last 45 minutes the rain got too heavy and we all ran inside where I finished the painting from memory. Here are a few pictures.

Starting with the line of action for the tree

Massing in the large shapes

50 degrees and light rain

Modelling the forms

Painting inside from memory. I would never do this for myself but it was a good lesson for the students on being flexible and not giving up on a painting.

The finished demo
The Old Oak 16x20
2hours painting time

There is enough information here for me to paint a studio painting at a later time. Sometimes you can't get a finished painting the field but you can collect enough information for a great studio painting. A field sketch will always have more truth than a photo will.